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Should we take America back to the god of our fathers?

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Chapter 1


Oftentimes race, religion, nationality, creed, means or lack of, dictate how people perceive others. Sadly, it is always with a distorted point of view. Christians are no exception. Instead of letting God’s Word be the gauge (balance/scale) with which all things are weighed, many perceive matters the same way as those of the world. For example: If I were to ask you to associate a nationality or a group of people with the word superior, what would your answer be? What about industrious?...passionate?…romantic?…temperamental?…Atheist?…religious zealots?...racist?...lazy?

I am sure your mind probably evoked a certain race or group of people for every one of the above mentioned characteristics. But do you know that every one of these is found in every race and nationality? Looks, customs, language, mode of dress and foods may differ, but we are all alike, especially when it comes to doing that which is wrong--sin, in other words. 

We Americans have grown up with the idea that we are superior to all others. That belief has been embedded in us since childhood. Even ethnics have been caught up in the hoopla of such belief without realizing its full implication. Simply: America is superior because of its Anglos, the descendants of the white Europeans. Most Anglos have believed that and have taken credit for every invention of any worth and every advancement in science, medicine and education. Even salvation is ignorantly thought of as coming through the white race.

The Rev. Josiah Strong expressed the sentiments of many Anglos on superiority when in 1893 he said, “Now from the first time in the history of mankind the three great strands (those of the Hebrews, Greeks and Romans) pass through the fingers of one predominate race to be braided into a single supreme civilization in the new era, the perfection of which will be the kingdom fully come….All unite in the one Anglo-Saxon race, indicating that this race is preeminently fitted, and therefore, chosen of God to prepare the way for the full coming of His kingdom in the earth.”1 (Parenthesis mine.)

The first Euro-Americans thought they were something special in God’s sight and considered themselves superior to all others to such a degree that respect for all who differed in beliefs, customs, or looks were considered heathens and pagans, who did not merit the privilege of being around them.  That is why dissenters to their religious beliefs were banished from Puritan Massachusetts. Or, as in the case of a group of Indians fleeing an enemy tribe and seeking refuge at a colonial fortress, instead of helping them, the colonists slaughtered them. Colonials considered Indians mere savages without souls who did not deserve protection—and they were quick to cite book, chapter and verse from the Bible to justify their belief.

The same Scriptures which the Puritan forefathers were quick to use as endorsement for their deeds will be used to weigh the forefathers themselves. With these we will see if they measured up to the criterion or whether they were found wanting. 

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